Well, Ain’t That Some Shit?

After about a decade of friendship, I am losing someone from my life. And, as the title of this says, ain’t that some shit?

It comes down to a simple problem: we game together, and out of the game we a fine as friends, but when gaming we are poison. The toxicity has gotten the better of me. Worse still, it is killing off a friend of a couple of years with it in all likelihood.

I am old enough to know this never had to get this way, but I have a fatal character flaw: I am too fucking nice. I put up with shit because I am strong enough to handle it. Then it gets worse. I have been warned about it in the past, “Letting people walk all over you isn’t healthy.” No shit?

But, I didn’t think of it as being walked on. It is a thin line between being strong and being used. I have always had an issue with that.

So, anyway, that is why I am posting now. As for why I have been silent, well, there was a lot of shit going on in my life and I either didn’t want to share it or didn’t think it was worth sharing.

I hope your life is going well, whoever you are.


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