Dream Catchers

Osiyo (Hello),

In the old days, a woman was troubled by a spider building her home in the house of this woman. She went to destroy the web and spider but was stopped by her friend who said, “Leaver her to work. She is also Grandfather’s child.” And so, the woman relented.

The spider, older than was known, went to the home of the friend and said, “You protected me. And I will give you and your children protection while you sleep. I will stop bad dreams from waking you, or bad spirits from troubling even as you have done for me.”

As the years passed the spider grew to love the children of the village and started protecting all of them. As she grew too old she gathered one woman from each of the seven clans and said, “I will show you how to weave my web so your children and grandchildren may always have my webs to guard their sleep.” These women taught all the people the web. And so, to this day, all the people of all the world may make her protecting web. The nature of mankind added the adornments and gifts that have come to be a Dream Catcher of today.

Danisdayohihv’I (“They were shooting.” From the tradition of shooting a gun on the holidays and New Years’.) – Happy Holidays, and may Peace and Prosperity be yours for all your days.

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