YouTube Censoring Of The Subscriber Feeds

For some time now YouTube has been accused of controlling what a user gets to see. Some think it is a conspiracy, some think it is revenue control, still, others think it is an attempt to kill off “undesirable” channels. I don’t really care or know.

What I do know is this morning I look into my Subscribed Feed and found this:

Notice than only 10 are shown.

I didn’t find a vid I saw in the normal feed. So, I went back and look at the channel. It said I was subscribed, so I unsubscribed and resubscribed and then I had this:

I reduced the size of the browser view to fit all 44 vids.

I don’t know why Google is doing YouTube censoring of the Subscriber Feeds, but I feel it is stealing from users because I have paid for Premium and they are not letting me have why I give them money.

Stop being ass holes, YouTube!

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